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Have you ever taken a leap of faith--in yourself?

So many times we focus on energy on preparation and getting ready that we don't start the actual thing we want to do. Getting ready is comfortable and we're in control. Getting ready can be distracting too because you can keep getting ready--forever! No leap has actually taken place.

In 2021, I had the incredible opportunity to be with thought leaders from all over the country at a mastermind workshop in Colorado. I had to take a leap. I felt underprepared and uncomfortable. But it's that very feeling of joyfear-- a term coined by Leo Babauta --that pushed me to the edge. Joyfear is that amazing feeling that can feel like a racing heart and a feeling like you're flying. When you do something that you aren't completely prepared for and you do it anyways, knowing in your gut that you can do it, that's joyfear. Embrace that exhilaration wholeheartedly

When we turn that very fear into energy and get started, this leads us to more action and that momentum keeps building. The seed of energy is inside of us!


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