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One of the most important reasons for us to improve our self-confidence is this: confident people are happier. It sounds hard to believe but it's true! So why not increase our sense of confidence so that we can increase our sense of joy every. single. day?



One of the biggest challenges that we face in improving our confidence level happens when we’re not grounded in who we actually are. We look outward, into our environment and compare.


How often have you scrolled through social media and looked at someone else's success and considered it your own failure?

That person is doing their thing yet we’re sitting here looking at our own life and thinking that we’re a failure. Why? Just because we’re not doing what they’re doing. But we’re not focusing on what we ourselves ARE doing. Confident people may look at that same post and feel inspired and moved by that person's achievements. They realize that someone else experiencing something positive doesn't take away from our own ability.

Or sometimes we accomplish something incredible and feel proud of ourselves for a moment, but we don’t truly embrace our success. We wonder what other people think about it. We may focus on external validation and look to the outside for approval. Even though we may be proud of our own achievements, we wonder whether we just got a lucky break. Maybe we really aren’t that great? So then we begin to wonder whether we are worthy of our accomplishments and that’s how imposter syndrome develops.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you'd like to tackle imposter syndrome, change your mindset, and elevate your confidence, let's talk. Simply click this link and let's jump on a call together.

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