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Does it seem like your to-do list clones itself overnight? Are you looking to feel more productive? Trying to spend more quality time with actual humans in real life? Are you trying to decrease distractions?

We often hear about the benefits of time management --for me, the best thing about these hacks is that I get more energy. Good time management gives us extra time to spend in our daily lives. If we can manage time effectively, then we have more energy to enjoy hobbies or other things that fuel us with even more energy.


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Most of us feel like multitasking is the most efficient way to get everything done. I definitely used to feel like that. In the ER, if you’re not doing 5 things at once, you’re going too slow. But the reality is that we do better when we focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking means we actually get less done in the same amount of time. Our brains like having one tab open at a time--not 18.


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Time Audit

Figure out where your time is going. I used to think there's no way to get it all day in 24 hours. Some days, it's true. But other days, I'm shocked how time is wasted either mindlessly scrolling or doing activities that don't give me any return. Try logging your time for a week and track your daily activities. Auditing my use of time helped me figure out which things are timesucks and which activities are actually rewarding.

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