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Anita Bangale, MD physician and coach

Empowering Minds, Healing Bodies

Do you feel like you want more out of life? More joy or balance or purpose? I know the feeling. Hospital-based shifts and motherhood used to take up my whole life. But I wanted to feel like me again--vibrant, full of energy and whole. So, I created the next version of myself.


And now my passion is to empower people with tools and so that they feel fully equipped to create the life of their dreams. My life coaching, medical services, and physician-run ketamine infusion clinic at The Woodlands Wellness and Mind Spa, PLLC offer personalized support, rooted in science, that can transform your life.


Discover version 2.0 of you today. 

Let me help you

Do you find yourself...

  • Wanting strategies to create and maintain healthy habits 
  • Wishing to create a successful system that allows you to fulfill your personal and professional goals 
  • Desiring genuine connections instead of superficial friendships
  • Struggling to maintain an authentic appearance online and in real life

About Me 

I am a board-certified emergency physician, certified mindset coach, and international TEDx speaker x 2. I have worked as an emergency physician for nearly 20 years and served as a wellness champion. I focus on effective communication as a leader and prioritize working with compassion and empathy. As a coach, I aim to spread joy by maximizing self-worth and confidence and believe in the magnificent, ignitable power of each person's inner light.

Dr. Anita Bangale TEDx speaker and mental health leader

My Mission

My mission is to empower each of my clients to live their most healthy and authentic life - full of confidence, passion, and purpose. I will guide you to create version 2.0 of yourself by utilizing my expertise as both a physician and life coach. Together, we will work to foster a collaborative partnership that integrates all aspects of health and wellness. By equipping clients with tools and skills, I aim to inspire personal growth and self-management, allowing you to thrive in your wellness journey.

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Sitting on Rock

Life Coaching


Patient and Client Testimonials 

"Working with Anita has been a blessing. She is an expert in time and energy management. I still use techniques that Anita taught me. She is kind and compassionate but still kept me very accountable to my own goals."


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