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We all know names of different emotions - but what do we actually know ABOUT our emotions? Learning about our own emotional health can help us squash anxiety, boost our confidence, and enjoy the small moments of joy that fill each day.

One of the most amazing powers we have is that we can control our emotional cascade. Even though we can't control WHETHER we have emotions, we can control the thoughts we have and what we choose to do with our emotions.

You may think it's hard for us to control the domino effect of our emotions. Sometimes once we're triggered, the whole rollercoaster seems to be on auto pilot. And in a way, it's true..but we can train ourselves and change the course. Emotions help us move - they encourage us to take action. As we understand our emotions, we can take healthier action. So let us take advantage of the fact that the brain can change from the day we are born until the day we die and rewrite our emotional algorithm.

Want more tips to control your emotional rollercoaster? Simply click this link and let's jump on a call together.


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